[News] Hallyu Evolves, The Hype Has Gone Down But The Fandom Has Increased

Highlighted excerpts from Joongang Daily's 2010 February 6th print edition, p22 of the Culture section.

In the large album store HMV in Tokyo's Shinjuku area.
Thanks to TVXQ's explosive popularity, the 'K-POP' section, that till last year had been set up in the World Music corner on the third floor, has been moved to the Best Seller corner on the first floor.
Next to it are TVXQ related goods that are arranged neatly.
Last year, TVXQ's Japanese album and DVD sales surpassed 9 billion Won.

"Thanks to the popularity of idol groups like TVXQ, the Hallyu Wave has evolved from the 'Hallyu Obasan' (Hallyu middle aged woman fan)"
It is the same for Ryu Siwon-Park Yong Ha as it is for TVXQ.
They all speak Japanese fluently, and have a separate agency in Japan; their 'glocalization strategy' has worked tremendously.

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo+DNBN]
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