[NEWS] G-Dragon: Big Bang more relaxed after solo activities!

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It is uncommon for people to know the individual talents and names of each member in an idol group, especially now that they are pretty much flooding the music industry. If one person stands out, another tends to be shunted aside. But Big Bang is one of those rare groups where every member plays their individual role in the group so well that they stand out as a whole.

”If you look at normal idol groups, they usually have one, or sometimes even up to three members who are given all the attention and the rest of them kind of just blend in. And the maknaes aren’t allowed to talk. But we take turns being the one in the spotlight; it was me in our first album and Taeyang in our second.”

Because Yang Hyun Seok believed that singer groups lasted longer if each member was given a chance to show their individuality and ambitions, Big Bang’s members were able to distinguish themselves by showing their talents in various fields. It is also crucial for passionate youths like them to be active in their lines of specialty.

”My forte would be writing and composing while Taeyang’s is looking and dancing like a foreign singer. To put it straight, he’s got style and a sort of moderate beauty. Cute Seungri does his musicals, Daesung showed prominence in variety shows and Top is becoming more and more determined to show himself as an actor through dramas and movies. After working as individuals, I think we’ve become even closer. We admire each other a lot more too and the topics of our conversations contain way more variety nowadays. We’re more relaxed now, not as in we’ve gotten cocky but as in we feel like we can see further now.”

While the other members continued to show different sides of themselves in their various fields, G-Dragon consistently worked on his solo album. The thought that noone knows how many years it would be until his next solo album, and that this might be the last chance to show Kwon Jiyong as a person kept him going.

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