[News] Eeteuk's sister Park Inyoung "I didnt say anything at SJ's sisters get-together"

Leeteuk's sister Park Inyoung has expressed that she feels hurt because of her brother on the show SBS "Star Junior show" which was aired on Feb 13th.

She said "The relationship between Super Junior members is very good. Even the families get together. There are Appa get-together, Omma get-together and Noona get-together among Super Junior member's families. When I went to a Noona get-together, Eunhyuk's noona would said 'Our Eunhyuk gave me this and that as present', Heechul's noona would said 'Our Heechul calls me quite often' and they are both very proud of their brothers. But when the other noona ask me 'How about Teukie ?' I cant say anything" and showed her dongsaeng Leeteuk that she was sad.

Leeteuk said "Noona used to live abroad for too long so she can express the 'I love you' very well. Personally, I myself find it a little difficult" to explain the awkwardness between the two of them.

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