[News] DBSK/THSK/TVXQ Yunho’s message to precious fan

TO: Precious FAN
The new year 2010 we’ve been waiting for finally arrives, hope everyone will stay healthy, and all of their dreams will come true. There have been a lot of unhappy things. My happy 25th year (birthday). Always have you guys accompanying me, I wish all of you will be happy, faith is very important, must know the truth behind things, the pain in my heart hurts, 2009…… In this new year, overcome all the obstacles, together with Jung Yunho, lets build a wonderful memory, I love you all, let's work hard together, my precious everyone~

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We should always keep the faith!!!!! and never believe in lies.He kept telling fans not to keep believing in those lies.:).We should be patient to see a better DBSK.