[News] BEG Narsha, JeAh reveals their real height

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha reveals her real ‘height’ after revealing her real age recently.

She was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 2nd February at 11.05pm when she said, “After I revealed my real age, my birthdate was corrected, but my body measurements were not.”

She continued, “On day I was searching on portal sites and it was written that my height is 164 cm, in fact 164cm is my ideal height. My real height is 158cm.”

Fellow member JeAh also said, “My height is written as 165cm on my profiles, but in fact it is 158.9cm,” and then Narsha commented, “It’s not 159cm, so is it 158cm? So why raise it?” JeAh joked, “Still, I’m taller than Narsha.”

Because of their height, the Brown Eyed Girls members talked how they were not able to walk around without their shoes on. Narsha said, “I haven’t worn flats for 5 years. I have to wear shoes of at least 12cm in height. Like how I’m wearing 12cm kill heels today too.”

And MC Kang Ho Dong said, “So that means that everything other than the name Narsha is not true.”

S:Asia KyungJae

Cr: sookyeong @ KBites