[NEWS] The Author of 'Dragon Zakura' Visits the Set of 'God of Study'!

'God of Study' crew were happy because Dragon Zakura's author visited the set.

The author of 'Dragon Zakura' Norihiro Mita arrived in Korea on January 27 to visit the set of 'God of Study'.

"Compare to 'Dragon Zakura', the characters in 'God of Study' are seems to be alive," Norihiro said with satisfaction.

Norihiro toured the set and chat with Kim Suro and other casts. After finishing the shots, all the casts and staffs sit down together for a simple evening meal and expressed warm affection to each other.

Norihiro admires Kim Suro who plays Kang Seokho, a charismatic lawyer. Kim Suro gives Ginseng candy as a gift of appreciation to Norihiro.