[News] Actresses Heading Towards The Small Screen

Fans of TV dramas already have an ample lineup of witty programs to choose from, but the list will become more colorful with a number of top actresses returning to the small screen.

Movie star Son Ye-jin is tapping into the small screen market with "Personal Interest" (working title) after appearing in the dark thriller "Walking the White Night" (2009).

Son will appear as Park Gae-in, the CEO of a famous furniture company, who dreams of having a gay guy friend. She gets close to her dream when she ends up living with Jeon Jin-ho, whom she mistakes as the perfect match for her. Jeon will be played by "Boys Over Flowers" star Lee Min-ho.

The actress expressed the difficulty of portraying her "White Night" character during press events and interviews, and it seems like she will be able to brush away the mysterious and dark personality. The movie may have not topped the box office, but it showed how fearless the 28-year-old is when it comes to acting.

"I wanted to be involved in a bright and fun drama and I liked the character ― cute and charming and always up to the task," Son said.

The actress has been lucky when it comes to co-actors, performing opposite some of the top stars in Korea, including Bae Yong-joon, Kim Ju-hyuk, Jung Woo-sung and Ji Jin-hee.

Viewers will have to wait and see if she can embody the bubbly character, and create chemistry with the 22-year-old Lee.

"Personal Interest" will start airing in April on MBC.

Actress Moon Geun-young recently applied for a temporary leave from school to focus on her new television series "Cinderella's Sister" (working title). The 22-year-old actress will be playing a modern Cinderella who plots revenge against her step mother and sister.

Moon recently posted her feelings on her personal blog, comparing the drama to a well made dish.

"I will be starting to cook soon. I went over the recipe, how long it will take for me to finish cooking and also the ingredients needed," she wrote.

"I feel like it will turn out to be a very delicious dish and I promise that we will do our best."

Her fellow cast members will also add to the highly anticipated recipe, with the characters played by boy group 2PM member Ok Taec-yeon and actor Chun Jeong-myeong competing to steal Moon's heart. This is Ok's first drama, while Chun will be returning to the small screen for the first time in four years.

Moon has earned the nickname "the nation's little sister" over the years, but dropped off the public radar when she enrolled at Sungkyunkwan University to major in Korean literature in 2006. She returned to fans with the television series "Painter of Wind" (SBS) in 2008, and eventually won the Grand Prize at the SBS Drama Awards.

"Cinderella's Sister" will start airing late March in KBS.

Famous for her flawless skin and pretty features, Han Ga-in is one of the most popular cosmetic models in the nation. Pretty she may be, but the 28-year-old has yet to reach the top of the acting field since debuting in 2002. This year will hopefully bring some progress in her career, as she will meet fans through new drama "Bad Man" (working title) opposite Kim Nam-gil from hit period drama "The Great Queen Seondeok."

"Han is busy focusing on her character. It's been three years since her last work, and she is looking forward to meeting her fans as soon as possible," J.One + Entertainment said.

The series "Bad Man" will feature Han as a stubborn character that uses her charms to climb the corporate ladder, an edgier role than her previous soft and pretty characters. It features Kim as a businessman who dreams big, both personally and professionally.

"Bad Man," produced by the makers of "I'm Sorry, I Love You" (2004, KBS) and "The Snow Queen" (2006, KBS), will start airing in May on SBS.

Meanwhile, Han Chae-young is also returning to the small screen as a headstrong city desk reporter in new soap "The Man Who is Called a God" (working title). The new soap will be Han's first drama in four years.

The 29-year-old's priority has seemed to be films over the past few years. Except for a supporting role in the hit drama "Boys Over Flowers," she starred in "Girlfriends" and "Good Morning President" in 2009, and has two more films in the pipeline for 2010. Nevertheless, Han is expecting to change that by appearing as a passionate reporter with fellow actor Song Il-gook and actress Han Go-eun.

"The Man Who is Called a God," based on the namesake cartoon by the late cartoonist Park Bong-seong, will start airing in March on MBC.

Last but not least, Chae Rim is waiting to captivate viewers with her charms through new series "Oh My Lady!" The 30-year-old actor, who appeared in "All About Eve" (2000, MBC) and "Dalja's Spring" (2007, KBS) will star as a bubbly and enthusiastic housewife-turned-top star manager. Also famous in China, she is expected to play opposite Super Junior member Choi Si-won.

Chae Rim has been busy flying back and forth from Taiwan for dramas, and the actress is aiming to captivate viewers once again.

"Oh My Lady" will start airing in March on SBS.

Source: The Korea Times
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