[News] 2AM signs on as Pepsi Cola models

2PM vs 2AM, a Cola War?

2PM is Coca Cola, 2AM is Pepsi Cola?

The brother groups of JYP Entertainment, 2PM and 2AM, have become the blue chip of the advertisement world. Advertisements for cola have been known to pick only the hottest stars for their models.

On the 8th, an associate stated that 2AM has recently signed on to a contract with Pepsi Cola. There have also been rumors that since Coca Cola, a rival company, held 2PM as their model, they, too, have decided to use their brother group 2AM for their own. This associate stated, "They will be going into recording within this week. We'll be able to see their advertisements around mid March."

2PM has already finished their recording at the end of January with a one year contract. 2PM's advertisements will go on air towards the mid, or end of this month. The two brother groups have been attracting attention as to who will receive the most love.

Pepsi and Coca Cola also had a rivalry last year, using the popular stars of 'Boys Over Flowers,' Lee Minho and Kim Hyunjoong.

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