[news] "2AM, Night Escape" VG magazine interview

Jo Kwon

Vogue Girl (VG): You got first place today in the music program?
Jo Kwon (JK): I was bawling (laughs). My mother came to watch today, and she was waving at me from the audience section after the announcement. I saw that and felt like crying.

VG: If you compare it (placing first in music programs) to placing first in various music charts, how was it?
JK: I was happier when we placed first in the music charts. It was the first time the number '1' was besides 2AM's name. We were running around the dorm because we were so happy.

VG: Is there a certain sense of pride because you guys placed first as a ballad group although dance groups are the current trend right now?
JK: I would like it if people don't label us as a ballad group. I just want to be called a 'singer.' We included songs from various genres like hip hop and R&B in this album.

VG: Then do you want to change the fact that all your title songs are ballads?
JK: Yes. I want to try a unique song that requires performance. When I work out really hard, "You're a ballad group, why are you shaping up", when I try to be funny, "You're a ballad group, why are you trying to be funny" -- I hear these things all the time. I think we're the first to be breaking that stereotype.

VG: In your album 'Thanks To', you said that 2AM was reborn?
JK: 2AM and 2PM (called One Day together) are a brother group and we debuted at a similar time. But within One Day, we were always in the shadows. I think we didn't really have a sense of identity in our music. Our debut song, 'This Song' was famous but many didn't know who sang it. Now, I want to spread 2AM's name and identity.

VG: If you have to pick a favorite song from the mini album?
JK: I was really sad when I first heard 'Can't Let You Go Even If I Die.' We got the song during the time when Jaebum hyung, who we care about so much, was going through some hard times... That's why I was able to immerse myself in the sorrowful sentiment. Honestly, I sang the song thinking of hyung.

VG: In the new album outro, the part, 'Now I smile' seems significant?
JK: We went through some hard times, but I'm so thankful to my members that held out. I am thinking maybe this album will do well and give us a chance to give back to the people that waited for us (laughs). Because that track is so relatable, we finished it in one recording.

VG: Amongst family, close friends, and 2AM, how is your character different?
JK: Within the group, I am the leader as well as a PR method? (laughs) At home, I am a serious son, and could be a daughter that acts cute to the parents. (VG: You always seem to be busy taking care of other people.) I think it just became that way at one point. I could listen to other people really well, but I can't really say much about myself. Recently, I was able to get some life advice from 2PM's Wooyoung.

VG: We're so curious about the extent of 'KKab Kwon'. How do you control yourself?
JK: I honestly don't know. Once I get into it, it's hard for me to refocus myself. Even when I'm monitoring the recordings, I wonder to myself when I did something like that. I just do it because it's fun and exciting. It amazes me too.

VG: About what percent is your true self in 'We Got Married' (WGM)?
JK: It's 100% me. That's why the JYPE staff or friends say that it's too funny. If it was fake, then they wouldn't enjoy it as much, but because it's real, they said it was funnier.

VG: It seems like you guys truly like each other. Are you controlling your emotions?
JK: I think controlling my emotions is my homework. For Ga In noona it's her homework. It's somewhat controllable. I really like her. We really care for each other and grew fond of each other... Even if 'WGM' ends, it's not like we can't see each other, but I'm afraid that I'm going to be very sad and disappointed. (VG: You must be excited for 'WGM' recordings) I really look forward to it. Because we spend a lot of time together, it feels like we're really going out, I get nervous and it makes my heart flutter. I don't know what to do.

VG: If you could give us an explanation of the failed kiss scene that brought about nicknames like 'Jo U-Turn' or 'Jo Kwon Fartface'?
JK: Outside of 'WGM' we are idol stars, and I thought I should respect that. If there was no feeling or emotion there, I would've just done it (acted it out). But just doing it for the sake of filming, I couldn't accept that.
(VG: aren't you a little sorry that you didn't do it?) If I wanted to, I could do it without people knowing.

VG: If you really fall in love, can you reveal it?
JK: I don't think I will. For that person, or for the fans, and for the people around us. (VG: From watching 'WGM' though, it looks like it's going to be be obvious?) It's not going to be obvious. When I held hands with Wonder Girls Sunye on the streets, the company thought, 'They must be really close' and didn't get suspicious. I think I'm the only one that the company allows to do such things. (VG: Do you think it's a good thing you made such an image for your self?) It's a very good thing (laughs).

VG: What is 'Kkab Kwon' to you?
JK: It's a 'Bok Kwon' (Lottery ticket). At first, I was worried that the word 'Kkab' was not broadcast-appropriate. But it was like I had won the lottery, it had a great synergy effect. I am so happy.

Seul Ong

VG: You keep getting congratulatory text messages because you got first place in the music program.
SO: I'm happy a lot of people are saying, "You got it at the right time"

VG: At a time when dance groups are the main trend, you must feel a sense of pride as a ballad singer?
SO: I feel a sense of pride that we're able to change the current trend little by little. I think there's a big significance in the fact that we are breaking stereotypes and that we are the first idols to sing ballad. Maybe there was an advantage in placing first on music charts, because we were idols that sang ballads? I want to think that 'We're opening a new chapter' and I have that goal in mind.

VG: You worked with producer, Bang Shihyuk. How was it different from working with producer Park Jinyoung?
SO: Jinyoung hyung picks out emotions one by one for us, while Shihyuk hyung helps us to bring out the emotions we already have. (VG: Which was more comfortable?) Honestly, both producers ultimately wanted the same thing, so it didn't really matter what style we sang. I think there wasn't that big of a difference because I try to find my own style.

VG: From all the title songs, which one do you relate with the most?
SO: 'Can't Let You Go Even If I Die' has the most realistic situations and emotions that are expressed. Especially the first part, 'Even though I'm young, I hurt all the same' -- it really hits a note in my heart.

VG: If you compare the characteristics of blood type O and your own personality?
SO: I am a little more complicated than the regular blood type O. I worry to the point where I get stressed out, and I never tell anyone about it. Even to my family. I think being outgoing and sociable matches up.

VG: Amongst family, close friends and 2AM, how is your character different?
SO: To my family, I'm not a dutiful child (laughs). I am an inexpressive son. But I expressed myself a little after placing first today. Amongst the members, I am the rational one. (VG: Do you hold meetings?) During meetings, if we don't see a solution, I become sarcastic and put in witty remarks. Between friends I get louder and act like an idiot. Inside I'm really inexpressive and outside, I'm a bit unruly. (laughs)

VG: As a 'WGM' panel, do you want to come out as a couple? If you do have a chance, who would you want to partner up with?
SO: Of course I want to. To an older woman, I think I'll have a lot of aegyo (*cutesy-ness), to a younger woman, I'll be like a dad, and to the same age, I'll act like I do to Ga In (laughs). More than treating her just whatever, I will be honest and comfortable with her. (VG: As a viewer, we think it's good if you meet an older woman.) Really? Right now my character is the nitpicky 'Ong Ahjibem,' if I really become a couple and don't do well, I think it'll be funny (laughs).

VG: Following 'D.E.G' you did 'Dirty Candy' -- you are really letting go of your image alongside Jo Kwon, are you okay with that?
SO: I am just the assistant (laughs). Honestly, right now, no one can really compare against Jo Kwon. Because we played together from when we were trainees, I am satisfied with making Kwon shine right now. I've always thought Kwon was the funniest guy in the whole world, and right now, it's becoming a reality. I am also just trying to show who I really am. Whether it is 'Ong Ahjibem' or 'Ongseulee Ong Ong'.

VG: We heard that you had a lot of interest in fashion?
SO: I look through a lot of collection magazines, and get advice from stylists. (VG: For this spring, what item do you want to buy?) I want to get a nicely colored cardigan or shirt.

VG: If you could get any special talent or ability from a 2AM member?
SO: Nothing really. (laughs) I like who I am.

VG: Are there any members that can't be controlled or have changed recently?
SO: After Jinwoon turned 20, I don't know what he's up to these days... (laughs). I'm kidding. Even though he's at a age where he's supposed to be playing, I'm proud of him that he's working hard with the hyungs.

VG: What is 'chest' to you?
SO: I'm so used to this question now. 'When I work out a lot, it's big, when I don't, it's small' I'm working out a lot these days, so you can all look forward to it!

Jin Woon

VG: Because you sing the part, 'Even though I'm young, I hurt all the same' it really clicked with us.
JW: Even though I'm young, I do hurt like everyone else, so when I hear stuff like, 'How would you know anything?' I feel like it's unfair and I get angry. I sang that part as if I'm addressing those people who said those things to me.

VG: You graduated recently. How do you feel, ending your 'teen' years?
JW: I feel sad. And it's really scary. My mother lets me pay for my own bills now. Honestly it's not really a big deal, but starting with this, I feel like I have a lot of responsibilities now. (VG: But you already have a job?) It's not really a stable job. I have to continue to improve and do well in a lot of stuff. We are also trapped under a lot of people's scrutiny as well, so we need to be careful with our actions. We can't even date easily.

VG: Because of 2AM's activities, it seems as though you couldn't really enjoy your high school years?
JW: It's sad. I never really discussed and worried about going to college with my friends, or have memories of ditching study hall.... I think I can do it well! (laughs)

VG: To fans, the 'uniform Jin Woon' image was very big. Don't you hear that they miss it?
JW: I was glad that even though I was a singer, they saw me as a student. But now, I want them to see a different side of me (laughs). There's a time when you don't wear uniforms anymore.

VG: This is the time period when you start fantasizing about college life. If there's one thing you really want to try or do?
JW: Shouldn't I get a girlfriend at least once? Only a few days ago, going on a blind date was my fantasy. But because this is impossible I just settle with dating. I'm not even asking for playing the guitar in a grassy field. Just walking around campus, watching movies -- just going on normal dates. (VG: If there is a dream date that you want?) I don't have any of those! I just want to have a relationship (laughs).

VG: It seems as though your voice got deeper. Did you get special training?
JW: I get voice training and practice singing regularly, but because I sing more freely than before, I am comfortable and I think people feel that as well.

VG: What kind of boyfriend are you? (Literal trans: What kind of loving style are you?)
JW: I'm pretty conservative so there's a lot of things I would not let my girlfriend do. Like wearing miniskirts or sleeveless shirts that are too promiscuous, or be too wild -- I really don't like that. (VG: Because you don't want to show others?) No, I don't want to see it either.

VG: If you compare the characteristics of blood type O and your own personality?
JW: I think I am really sociable and outgoing. I am also very competitive. If we played about 3 games of basketball, and I lost 2 of those, I have to go back and win two games to be satisfied.

VG: Amongst family, close friends and 2AM, how is your character different?
JW: Amongst family, I am just a normal maknae? Between friends, I am always there to play basketball and play around. But I don't need to be there when they study (laughs). I listen to my friends so I give a lot of relationship advice (VG: Do you show off Solomon's wisdom?) I give them very "textbook" answers or make the situation more complicated, so they come to their own conclusion, but they still ask for advice.

VG: We saw your minihompy entry about coming back from a Muse concert and we could feel your excitement.
JW: Ah, you saw that? (laughs) I really like them. I am a fanatic. I used to be in a rock band, and then I got cast. I want to continue rock music so I am still practicing. There are a lot of genres I can do as a band, so I want to try everything. We don't know what type of music is going to be the trend, and my thoughts could change too, so I'm preparing in advance.

VG: You are really good with instruments as well? You are really ambitious about music.
JW: I think I am. I'm trying to learn conga as well. I can play the drum and electric guitar but when I try to play the acoustic on air, I get really nervous, so I am practicing a lot.

VG: If there's a rock music you want to recommend to readers?
JW: The type of music that I like might not be that familiar to girls. The music is dark and the chord progressions are gloomy... There's a song called 'Butterflies & Hurricanes' by Muse. When you listen to it, you will think, 'You can make grand music like this with only 3 people'. Also, if you listen to the album you will think, 'They are geniuses.'

VG: Who is Jung Joo Ri to you?
JW: Hahaha. She's really refreshing. Who is Jung Joo Ri to Changmin hyung? (Changmin: an obstacle) For me, a speed bump. If I see Jung Joo Ri noona, I slow down.

Chang Min

VG: Your feelings after placing first on music charts after debuting a year and a half ago?
CM: I was so happy. Honestly, I really missed singing on stage. I couldn't quench my thirst for singing just by singing for fun during variety shows and sometimes it felt preposterous. Even after having fun filming, I had a lot of thoughts about it. I think, 'I've tried my best on variety shows for 10 months, and because of that, more people could recognize us and have interest in us.'

VG: How was it, placing first in the music program today?
CM: We didn't even think about it. Because we came out around the same time as SNSD, we thought, 'Can we really get first place?' (laughs) After we found out we got first place, I couldn't think and I couldn't cry. After it ended, I cried a little when talking to my mom (who is in Busan) on the phone.

VG: We saw an article that said 2AM doesn't even put in chorus in their MR and sings 100% live.
CM: It's not 100%. In order to make a more richer sound we put in chorus and various sound effects. But only for the parts that we really need. We try to do mostly live. (VG: You must have a certain pride in singing live?) It's kind of like my last pride.

VG: If you have to pick your favorite song from this album?
CM: 'Sorry I Can't Smile For You' has gotten some great response. We didn't even promote it, but it's a wonder that it's so high up in the online music charts. I think it's because it's a good song. I like it because it has a rhythmical R&B style that matches up well with the refined melody.

VG: If you have to pick a genre that matches well to your tone?
CM: I like country music or acid jazz, or any kind of funky genre. I like musicians like, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Guy Sebastian, and Incognito. They have voices that I look up to. (VG: What kind of music do you listen to these days?) I really like Tom Jones. I listened to 'Sexy Bomb' recently, and I wanted to listen to it again, so I downloaded it and put it on replay.

VG: From all the title songs, which one do you relate with the most?
CM: 'Can't Let You Go Even If I Die' -- I really like the lyrics. People can't easily just say these things, but the song expresses this really well.

VG: What style of "love" are you? What kind of love do you dream of?
CM: I want to try a love like 'first love.' The kind of love where you are happy just looking at the person, and get nervous around them -- I want to meet someone like that. Honestly, I'm the type that gets distant from friends when I start liking someone. Like all my calls would be with my girlfriend -- I usually focus on just one person.

VG: On 'Star Golden Bell', you were funny in the 'Bell' line. What kind of experience was that?
CM: It was hard. There are 20 guests, but it's really difficult to say anything. During the first two months there were a lot of funny episodes I shared. But after, I didn't really have anything to say. There were times when I couldn't sleep because I was so worried about filming the next day. (VG: If you have another chance at it?) No, I don't ever want to do it again (laughs). It's a battlefield. I respect the entertainers.

VG: If you compare the characteristics of blood type A and your own personality?
CM: If I start something, I do it until I finish it. But it's difficult for me to actually start. When I enlisted for the army, I wanted to try out for the military band, but there was a weight limit. I lost 18kg in 3 weeks and finally got in. If it's something I desperately want, I do it. (VG: What are you really into these days?) I want to try producing and playing instruments so I bought all the equipment and instruments, but I have no spare time. But I bought it anyway (laughs). Even if I want to do it, I don't have the leisure to think about melodies for 1-2 hours. Maybe I'm not desperate. It's a dilemma.

VG: If you could get any special talent or ability from a 2AM member?
CM: Seulong's chest, Kwon's fast metabolism, Jinwoon's ability to handle instruments. I'm just kidding about Seulong's chest. I'm jealous of his good looks. When I first went into JYP I was shocked because I saw Taecyeon, Seulong, and Nichkhun. So I went home and thought for a long time, 'Does this place only choose good looking kids? Why was I chosen?'.

VG: What is civil defense to you?
CM: Dream! Being a reserve force is an obligation, but isn't the next step as a civil defense force a lot easier? (laughs) Even if there is a war, you just have to protect your own town. Now that I see it, after the members come back from the army, I will be in civil defense. Sometimes I feel bad because I'm an 'Army idol' and my dongsengs get a lot of questions about the army.

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