[NEWS] 2AM-B2ST, Surprising pictures on Jinwoon's Cy!

Jinwoon showed his close relationship with B2St through his Cyworld.

On Feb. 20th, at 3:23 AM, Jinwoon uploaded pictures of B2ST's Yoseop, and Doongwoon, jokingly writing, "Are you sleeping? Don't sleep. Your face will get bigger," as the captions. He also uploaded 2 photos of Yoseop under the title "Blackhole camera." In these pictures, he looks as if he is being sucked in.

Jinwoon's close up picture with Yoseop has the caption, "You are surprised, right? ^^ Photo by Jinwoon," and is also gaining a lot of attention. Fans who saw this picture were asking, "Who is this?" and said they were very surprised.

2AM and B2ST spend their pre-debut years together in JYPE and have been friends ever since.

2AM's song, "I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" is still in the top ranks of the music charts and 2AM are thriving in music programs and variety shows. B2ST is planning to have their comeback late February/early March and are filming their music video currently.


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