[NEWS] 2AM’s no-show on Music Core for 3 weeks, MBC “There is no discord”

Much attention has been brought to the rumoured discord between 4-member vocal 2AM and MBC Music Core.

This is because 2AM had not appeared on Music Core and performed their new song ‘Even if I die, I will not let you go’ for even once. In addition, for the show coming 6th February, 2AM will also not be performing. With that, 2AM has yet to perform on the show even though it has been 3 weeks since they released their new album.

Usually, Kpop singers will appear on all 3 weekly music shows KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo to promote their songs. And for 2AM, they released their new album on 21st January and from pre-release to after-release currently the song is doing very well up on music charts.

So far, 2AM has appeared on KBS Music Bank to perform twice (22nd and 29th January), and 2 times on SBS Inkigayo (24th and 31st January). And coming 5th and 7th February, there are plans for them to perform on the 2 shows.

But with their continual no-show on Music Core, there has been rumours about disagreement between 2AM and MBC.

And many point decision for 2AM leader Jo Kwon to appear on SBS Family Outing 2 as the possible root of this discord. Jo Kwon has been quite prominent in the variety show zone with his funny appearance on MBC We Got Married and SaeGaKwi, which even earned him the nickname of ‘Kkap Kwon’.

MBC felt that they have given him much opportunities in this area, and now they are feeling unhappy that Jo Kwon will be appearing on the variety show of the competitor broadcast company.

MBC side revealed, “Especially since he was decided as the fixed appearance on We Got Married, normally they would refrain from doing fixed show appearance on shows by other companies. With this, MBC is feeling a little unhappy with 2AM’s company about it. With that you can see that 2AM did not appear on MBC Music Core. But that being said, we felt that 2AM’s side was being unfair in some aspects too.”

But their stand is that there is no discord with 2AM. The show team official said during an interview on 3rd Feb, “This is ridiculous. There is definitely no discord with 2AM’s company. The 2AM members are still appearing on other MBC programmes. 2AM like any other singers, will be able to perform on MBC Music Core.” during their recently interview.

2AM’s side also said on 4th February, “There is no discord with MBC.”

Credit : K Bites
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