[DKP Special] Fan spotted smilarity between Jessica & Chun Li!!

This article is produced thanks to Surinalow on Youtube.

I came across comment of Surinalow on the SNSD's Inkigayo video uploaded by me on youtube.He/She mentioned that Jessica's hairstlye looks like a "Chinese Fighting Girl"
on a particular video game.

I know the character mentioned in the comment,she is Chun Li of Street Fighter,a popular character among gamers,well-known for her speedy leg kicking skills and of course her outstanding appearance as well as her hot body.

Honestly,Jessica stands out the most for today's performance with the cute hairstyle.I wonder why the stylist asked the other girls to wear those headbands,they look weird on the girls.

Hope that they will change their style for next week's performance.

Anyway,do you like Jessica's Chun Li hairstyle???