[Audio + Trans] DBSK/THSK/TVXQ's New single' With all my Heart' in full audio.

Video Credits:sharingyoochun

The full audio for With all my Heart single, which will be included in their best album.

The song...its so beautiful :)~

Enjoy~ Love it.

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Always Keep The Faith !!!!!

JS: 鏡に映った 掛け違えた シャツのボタン
Kagami ni utsutta kake chigaeta shatsu no botan
I see a loose button in the mirror

そんな些細な事で 君がいれば良かったと思う
Sonna sasai na kotode kimiga ireba yokattato omou
Just a little thing like that, and I wish that you were there

YH: 会えない時間が
Aenai jikan ga
The times that we’re not together

Bokura no ai wo tsuyoku shita
Made our love stronger

Kotoba ni…
The words…

YC: それぞれを待つ日々は
Sorezore wo matsu hibiwa
The time that we have to wait for each other

Isogashiku sugiru kedo
Passes by busily, but

Konnani mo… Konnani mo…
So much… so much…

I just…

JJ: 会いたくてずっと君を想うよ
Aitakute zutto kimiwo omouyo
I want to see you so badly, so I’ll keep thinking of you

Kokoro kara kimiwo
From the bottom of my heart

もう一度 my heart 伝えたくて
Mou ichido my heart tsutae takute
One more time my heart I want you to know

Kimiga yobeba bokuwa ikuyo
If you call for me, I’ll go to you

Kimi no sobade warai tainn dayo
I want to be smiling next to you

Donna hi mo zutto kimi wo omouyo
Any day, I always am thinking of you

Kokoro kara kimiwo
From the bottom of my heart

Mou nidoto tada hanasanai kara
I’ll never let you go again

JS: 君が泣けば僕は行くよ
Kimi ga nakeba, boku wa ikuyo
If you ever cry, I’ll go to you

Kimi wo itsumo mamori tainn dayo
I always want to protect you

YC: 君が望むなら
Kimiga nozomu nara
If you wish for it,

JJ: 全てを尽くして
Subete wo tsukushite
I’d give up everything

JS: 君の描く未来
Kimino egaku mirai
The future that you drew

CM: 永遠の夢をかなえたい
Eien no yumewo kanaetai
I want to grant your wish eternally

JJ: 何度でも true heart
Nando demo true heart
No matter how many times true heart

僕の smile for you
Boku no smile for you
My smile for you

CM: 悲しくても 嬉しくても 
Kanashi kutemo ureshi kutemo
Even if you’re sad, even if you’re happy

Kimi no sobade warai tainn dayo
I want to smile by your side
My love

YC: With all my heart
(can’t understand><) I’ll be there for you

Video Credit: 100years + SharingYoochun
Translated by: aly@DBSKnights

Credits: DBSKnights
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