[Rumours] SNSD's comeback in January?

A great news for fans to cheer,SNSD is going to make their comeback in january??

SNSD made their comeback with "Gee" in January last year and the song was so well-received not only by korean fans but also fans all around the world,you can try to type "Gee" on Youtube and you can see many people covering their songs!

There is currently a rumour saying that SNSD will make their comeback at the end of this month ,according to allkpop,it is possible that the girls will release another mini album on either 23rd or 30th January.

In addition,there are speculations saying that the girls have finished filming f r their new MV on 2nd January,but whether it is true or not,we still have to wait until SM release the official statement concerning this issue!

Credits to allkpop for the info!

The girls have performed a mysterious track during their concert,"Show Show Show" is the track mentioned...