[Pictures] 2PM casted for "God Of Study"!

Many thanks to those creative fans,we have another interesting topic to discuss!

There is a fan who photoshopped 2PM members' faces into the characters of "God Of Study".It seems that the members of 2PM are having another parody after the one they did for "You're Beautiful" during SBS Gayo Daejoon!

Besides,members of 2PM,JYP is photoshopped too,Nichkhun's face is a bit different from his real person to be honest and the fat version of Junho should gain some compliments!

Check out the photos below!

Taecyeon - Na Hyun Jung (Jiyeon)

JYP – Kang Suk Ho (Kim Sooro)

Wooyoung - Han Su Jung (Bae Duna)

Nickhun - Jang Ma Lee (Oh Yoon Ah)

Jaebeom - Hwang Baek Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho)

Junsu - Kim Puleep (Go Ah Sung)

Chansung - Hong Chang Doo (Lee Hyun Woo)

Junho - Oh Bong Gu (Lee Chan Ho)

Photos credits to Allkpop!