[PHOTO] Taecyeon With "High Kick Through The Roof's" Shin-Ye and Jee-Hee

2PM's Taecyeon posted a picture in his mini-hompy which he took with the two kid-actresses of the sitcom "High Kick Through The Roof".

On the 18th of January at 9AM, Taecyeon posted this picture in his Cyworld mini-hompy with the title of "Bbang Gu Ddong Gu Ya!" **
On the left is Seo Shin-Ye and in the middle is Jin Jee-Hee and it seems like the kids are really happy!

The fans have commented to this photo. One said, "Shin Ye and Taecyeon's head size is the same", and another said, "It makes me smile that these three look so happy", and most people commented by saying, "All three are cute", or "So cute!!"

Meanwhile, 2PM has finished all their activites for now, and Taecyeon is getting ready to appear as a regular in SBS's Family Outing Season 2 with SNSD's Yoona and 2AM's Jo Kwon.

Credits : Newsen
Jinsoo @ Daily K Pop News
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