[NEWS/PICs] Wonder Girls promotes FREESTYLE

The famous Asian group, Wonder Girls will be promoting an online game called "freestyle" (street basketball), and with this promotion, the game will be releasing a new rendition of the game on the 3rd of February, otherwise known as the Wonder Girls version. In this new version, Sunmi, Yeeun and Sohee will become characters in the game, and players will be able to control the characters. Characters representing Sunye and Yubin will be released on a later date.

Wonder Girls still hold the top spot in Korea's entertainment industry, and the 5 girl group holds a very commanding position in the Asian entertainment industry. With the fanciful and refreshing costumes and appearances, the Wonder Girls are well loved by many teenagers. The new release featuring Sumni, Yeeun and Sohee, which allow players to 'control them', will possess more strength than normal characters, and having personalised moves and special background music. And with the increase in events to promote "freestyle", the players will be able to feel more heat and passion to the sport and game.


{source: zol.com.cn}
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