[News]Jokwon Confesses His True Feelings

JoKwon confesses his true feeling about his “wife” GaIn. During a recent interview, 2AM JoKwon reveals a shocking statement that caused some of the netizens to start hoping.

When everyone started to tell him that he and GaIn matched very well, he stated in a recent interview, “I’ve thought about going out with GaIn noona seriously” confessing his actual mind.

GaIn had also previously stated, “Now, when JoKwon calls me outside of the filming and he calls me “noona” instead of “honey,” I feel a bit sad” confessing her connection with JoKwon. Also, in a recent episode of ‘We Got Married’ they filmed, GaIn’s mother told JoKwon, “I wish that you were actually my son-in-law” showing so much love towards him, almost enough to make GaIn sad.



i personally say~~ GOOD COUPLE! i like them both~ LOL.. what do you think?