[News]Dongwan Of Shinhwa Give Fans Some News Updates About Min-Woo's Current Condition

It has been reported on January 1st that Lee Min Woo (M) was involved in a serious car accident. His friend from Shinhwa, Dongwan, then wrote entries to assure fans and give them an update on Min Woo’s current situation:

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From Dongwan’s 01/02 Naver Blog Entry:

“Don’t worry too much about Minwoo
Although we failed to keep Minwoo’s injuries from being found out by the enemies.
It’s alright~ Because Minwoo is Superman~^0^/”

The translator noted that Dongwan is most probably referring to the media as “enemies”. That explains why the news only got out now though the accident happened in December. They purposely kept it among themselves to stop the story from being sensationalized by reporters.

[10.01.01] Dongwan’s memolog: I’m amazed too.

When I get the feeling of people doubting the possibility of something
An enormous desire to challenge them would emerge.
Perhaps because all this time I’ve been receiving a lot of praise and love.
So in fact I only pick out people who are hard on me.. Because I want to be provoked…ㅋ

Shinhwa is only a name

Is it possible to regroup again?

Actually… Words like this… I like!

Because this is a good stimulant~
Until the time we regroup again
It will be good if we can continue to hear things like this.
This way
We will stay alert and not slack off,
Unlike how we were only sufficiently prepared when we were receiving a lot of love,
We will be completely and fully prepared.!

The thing that we want to protect
Is Shinhwa’s stage and orange color,
Not the number of fans we have.

How is the relationship among the members, one may ask?
Because I’m amazed too.^_^

Happy New Year!

Credit: Absolut Shinhwa (1 & 2)