[News]Another Celebrity Breaking Up?

Actor Lee Dong-Gun and actress Cha Yea-Ryun had broken up.

An insider in Korean entertainment industry told that the couple had broken up because of difference in personalities. The person said, “Their relationship is over but they decided to remain as good friends. Lee Dong-Gun will soon start his military service and Cha Yea-Ryun will remain active as an actress.”

Lee Dong-Gun’s management company stated that they do not know whether they had broken up or not. Cha Yea-Ryun’s management company stated that “We do not talk about personal affairs in that level.”

The couple was seeing each other from 2008 and their relationship was revealed to the public when Lee Dong-Gun had appeared in Cha Yea-Ryun’s drama Star’s lover as cameo. They were also seen coming out of a famous clothing store together with arms crossed to one and other and wearing same shoes.

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