[NEWS] TOP, attacking both singing and acting.

It's now TOP's generation!

After leaving a strong impression with his assassin role in 'Iris', popular idol group Big Bang's TOP (Choi Seunghyeon) plans to show various transformations this year.

TOP will begin his solo activities either mid-February or early-March. On the 7th, a YG Entertainment representative confirmed it will either be a mini-album or digital single, and that "the overall direction hasn't been determined yet but it will be planned to fit TOP's unique style." After his solo activities Big Bang will meet fans as a group with a new album sometime the first half of 2010.

TOP's plans as an actor are also underway. After his screen-debut last November in the telecinema '19,' he is currently filming the movie, "Into the Gunfire' as Jangbum, a student soldier. TOP stated, "It's an honor to once again be involved in such a large-scale production, and I am working hard night and day to not cause any problems for this project."

'Into the Gunfire' is a movie shedding new light on student soldiers' bravery and noble deaths during the Korean War, and is planned to start showing in theaters in mid-June.

Source: Donga.com
Translated by: [info]qvinx @ [info]omona_prection