[NEWS] S.E.S.'s Shoo is pregnant!

The "legendary girl group" S.E.S.'s member Shoo, who will soon be getting married, has been confirmed to be 3 months pregnant.

Shoo, who will marry basketball star Lim Hyo Sung (Incheon ET Land) in April, has been reported to be 10 weeks pregnant. Her company's publicist talked with Newsen and said, "Yes, Shoo is 10 weeks pregnant, and her health condition is excellent."

This publicist also said, "Shoo is not marrying Lim Hyo Sung just because she is pregnant; they were already planning to get married. Lim Hyo Sung was busy during basketball season and Shoo was preparing for an album so they were careful."

source: newsen | translated by [info]filmsession @ [info]omona_prection