[News] Kyuhyun sings for MBC’s drama OST

There havent been official new yet but since the music composer of the drama has posted a picture of him and Kyuhyun in the SM studio so I decided to translate this, will edit this thread once the official news is out.
Kyuhyun has recorded a song for MBC’s drama OST, the title of the song is “듣다… 그대를” (Listen… to you). You can listen a small part of the songhere, since there hasnt been official news yet so we dont know when will the full song is out. According to the entry & picture from Lee Seonghwan’s cyworld & me2day, the music composer of the drama, Kyuhyun had recorded the song in December 22nd. You can see the picture of Kyuhyun & Lee Seonghwan here.
source : Lee Seonghwan’s me2day
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net