[News] Korean Music Used As Cultural & Tourism Product To Attract Japanese Tourists - 'Mozart! , DBSK/THSK/TVXQ Xiah Junsu

It has been observed that Korean music is being used as a product to attract Japanese tourists, and the Korean musical 'Mozart!' has garnered the most attention.

The tourists who come to appreciate Korean music not only get to participate in performances in Seoul by K-pop artists, but also get a chance to experience Korea's cultural performances.

On 28 December 2009, with the headline "Most Attention Drawn To Korean Musical In 2010" (T/N: Translated according to the Japanese headlines), the poster, cast photos and holiday schedules for 'Mozart!' were published on the front page of a Japanese newspaper.

The article discussed the collaboration between the Japanese media and the Korean Tourism Agency through the musical 'Mozart!', as well as useful topics on Korea's tourism industry like shopping, beauty and food. It also stated that the musical garnered a lot of attention because TVXQ member, Junsu, who is extrememly popular in Japan, was casted in the musical.

Not only in Korea, there are also a lot of people in Japan who have shown interest in the musical 'Mozart!'

Comprising of a 28 person strong classical orchestra, impressive stage design and more than 500 extravagant costumes, the musical will kick off on 20 January 2010, at the Sejong Cultural Center Grand Theater.

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