[News] Kan MiYeon Praises 2ne1

Singer Kan MiYeon reveals that girlgroup 2NE1 is the most eye-catching for her.

Kan MiYeon was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 19th January when she revealed that she had a shock when she saw girlgroup 2NE1.

Kan MiYeon talked about the difference between girlgroups in the 90s and currently. She said, “These days girlgroups go through long training period to present their perfect image. Back then, we had casting done on the streets and we debuted as singers looking at our appearances.”

She continued, “When I saw 2NE1’s MV, I was shocked. I asked myself if I can be as perfect at that young age.” She was shocked at how professional 2NE1 had looked.

On the show, she also said, “Back then when Baby VOX was active, we were called fairies. I was the only one called an angel. Well I was in charged of the charm of Baby VOX.” with a little artifice at the end.

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