[NEWS] Fans angry to see Yo Seob being IU's "Marshmallow"!

Do you still remember Yo Seob performing "Marshamallow" with IU last week on Music Bank?

While many are praising their cuteness on the stage,there are some fans who are not happy to see them performing together.Some aggressive fans of Yo Seob left some negative comments on IU's minihomphy!

Some negative comments on the minihomphy..

"How dare you touch Yoseob? You should just study well. Pointless."

"Why are you always with Yoseob, really. But you say your ideal type is Yoseob and you do this and that? It's annoying to always see you two cross lines. Another event like this better not happen in the new year."

"Don't do this with Yoseob. I don't know how it is for you but it's annoying for me to watch. Okay? You're Korean so you should understand."

All these comments in the end caused her to shut down her minihomphy,jealousy of fangirls can be scary......

Minihomphy's translations credits to allkpop!