[NEWS] Birthday boy Jaejoong is top searches on NAVER


On 24th of January, JaeJoong occupied a spot on the top 10 searches on Naver.  

 Really a lot of Jaejoong fans celebrating his Birthday today.

26 is a special day for this talented idol.

26th of January, 1986 -born in this world

26th of December,2003 - fusrt stage appearance
26th of January, 2010 - his 24th birthday celebrating with fans

All these years, from a pure and innocent kid to an admirable talented singer; your hard work, to us is a line of poem written in our memories, but to you, its a treasure that will be beneficial throughout your whole life; your distress, to us is a sand in our eyes, but to you, it will be a lesson that forms a strong support that will aid you in future; your success, to us, its a happy injection to our soul, spiritually, but to you it’s like a strong wave within your heart, which is beyond beautiful.


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Source: Naver + BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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