[NEWS] BEAST DooJoon heads to Cambodia after traveling to Africa.

Male group BEAST's leader Yoon Doojoon will head to Cambodia after traveling to Africa.

In a recently revealed video of Yoon Doojoon before his trip, he left a comment before leaving for Cambodia with MBC's 'Sunday Sunday Night - Danbi' immediately after a music program on the 17th.

Yoon Doojoon secretly went to Zambia to shoot a previous episode of 'Danbi' and was surrounded by rumors, but he remembered to make a request to fans: "This time, I'm giving advance notice, so please don't worry." After he said this, Son Dongwoon entered and said, "Don't go," and his playful, babyish actions revealed a cute and attractive side of him.

BEAST's new measures for the leader's absence create laughter. In particular, 'Vice President' Yong Junhyung's happiness after Yoon Doojoon appointed him the 'Replacement Leader' prompted the discussion of 'ranks' within idol groups online.

With their follow-up song 'Mystery,' BEAST has shown off their dynamic performances and continued their unstoppable pursuit of popularity. Their steadily increasing music sales have placed them in a powerful position among idol groups. And recently they have received attention from overseas and become the front-runners for the new Hallyu wave.

On the 23rd, BEAST successfully concluded their Taiwan promotions with 4minute, and they are planning to continue their activities in Korea.

CREDITS:NEWSEN (SOURCE) ; illuminate.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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