[NEWS] 4minute greets their Filipino fans!

Having finished with their Taiwan tour recently the next stop of the 4minute girls for their Asian tour is the Philippines.

Gearing up for their arrival next month for a series of mall shows MCA Music has released two video clips of 4minute greeting their Filipino fans.

This is the English/Tagalog version of the clip.

4minute - Mahal namin kayong lahat.

Their message:

Mabuhay Philippines! (T/N: Similar with Hello Philippines. Direct translation: Long Live Philippines!)
We are 4minute.
We are going to the Philippines soon.
Please watch out for us.
Mahal namin kayong lahat. (T/N: Translation is We love you all).

This is the Korean version of the clip.

4minute - greeting (korean)

Source: mca music
Reporting: uturn@4-minute.com
Special thanks for the video tip: 1♥4minute@4-minute.com