[News] 2PM signs on as Spris models

Beastly idol 2PM is advancing fast to becoming the bluechip of the advertisement world. Having already taken over cell phones, snacks, and drinks, 2PM has been revealed to be the next model for a sports multishop brand, Spris.

Spris stated on the 4th that 2PM has signed to a contract with them as models. Spris has had Lee Junki, Mc Mong, Kim Bum, and other various big star models in their advertisements. Spris went on to state "2PM has a strong image as a performance boyband, even making up nicknames such as beastly idols. They're receiving a lot of love. We've chosen them as our models because of their sporty and stylish image that fits well with Spris."

An associate stated "We hope to convey them in a fashionable, bright and friendly type of image with Spris. Soon, we will have CF's and photoshoots along with advertisement activities, fan signings, and school visit events for 2PM fans to enjoy. We are preparing a lot of fun activities for the fans."