[Interview] Aimee Lucas Interview Talking About Big Bang And YG Family

Lyna : For YG Family fans, I’m sure they are very interested to know something about them. We already know that some of Big Bang, 2NE1 and other YG artists know how to speak English. I read your previous blog post in MySpace about Big Bang and wondered if your first impression about them is still the same.

G-Dragon: Leader.

Stylish, motivator, confidence, fearless. I like g-dragon! I always find an item of clothing that I like each time I see him. One day it’s his hat and another it’s his top but most of the time it’s the way he wears it. Plus, he can dance. I think I like his tats most though since I am a supporter of ink myself.

Lyna : What do you really like about G-Dragon besides his stuffs, tattoos and the fact that he can dance?

Aimee : I like GD’s attitude

Aimee : From what I’ve seen I like how involved he is in his music

Lyna : Yes… I love his style also… It puts you on the edge

Aimee: TY also participates heavily during rehearsal and focuses on perfection.

Aimee : I Like TY style. It’s very guyish

Lyna : How come you said that G-Dragon is fearless? In what sense? Is he not afraid of anything?

Aimee: I feel he is fearless when I think about all the controversy surrounding him.

Aimee : he’s not afraid to try something new or go against the grain

Lyna : I know what you mean…

T.O.P.: Handsome.

Tall, awkward, FUNNY yet quiet. Sticks to his diet & eats a lot of fruits. Although he’s not the best dancer or is this ability natural to him, I admire his hard work and determination. He knows when he’s behind and he reviews the steps over and over again for muscle memory…I admire that. So when he gets it right-I praises him.

Lyna : I really agree with you that he’s handsome, tall and awkward. (I’m being biased eh? I guess I’m too obvious.*blush*) But, what’s with “Funny yet Quiet”? I can’t imagine how a quiet guy can be funny…

Aimee: He’s more respectful than quiet. Also I speak English which is a set back and I’m not around him often

Aimee: he’s funny cause I see it when he talks and everyone laughs

Aimee: his facials and body language makes me laugh. Like a comedian

Lyna : ow.. I see… happy.gif He usually does gags in the group.. I understand… the language barrier…

Aimee : he’s pretty animated and his voice is deep.

Lyna : really… I hope to witness it someday

Lyna :yeah… Really different… Very masculine… LOL

Aimee: but he talks to me in English whenever we see each other

Lyna : really…. Is he fluent?

Aimee : not sure

Aimee: can’t say

Lyna : but he knows how to speak English

Aimee : yea

Aimee: they all do and Japanese

Lyna : It’s nice that they know many languages.. happy.gif

Lyna : I also notice that TOP lacks some dancing skills and he really is trying very hard to cope up with the dance moves. Anything new about him? Since you’ve seen his collection of Bear Bricks, Can you describe it? Most of us are clueless about it.

Aimee : there’s many. Most of them are big. They sit on white shelves and cover one wall. Top is getting better in dancing. I can see it. He looks comfortable on stage. You can see he’s having fun.

Lyna : Yeah… esp. in Ora Ora Yeah..though we haven’t seen it yet.. just from behind the scenes

Aime: iono? sorry

Lyna : iono?

Aimee : I don’t know

Lyna : aw…

Lyna : sorry.. hahaha

Aimee: haha

Aimee : no it’s ok

Youngbae: Sweetheart.

He always makes sure I’ve eaten and that I’m ok or he asks about my day. I like that and he’s always been like that from the get go. A performer, freestyler, confident, loves his fitted caps and I love his Boston terrier. Yes girls…his puppy ‘Boss’ is the cutest! You know who has his brother? KUSH! named ‘Macho’.

Lyna : Why do I feel jealous? Hehehe… So, ‘Macho’, dog of Kush is ‘Boss’ brother?

Aimee: yup!

Aimee :Boss is awesome I saw him as a baby then a year later and his size matches his big heart.

Aimee: They say “a dog is a man’s bestfriend” and I believe Boss is Tae Yang’s bestfriend! smile.gif

Lyna : There has been news lately about Taeyang wanting to have a girlfriend. Is there anyone whom you’d like to recommend to be his gf? And, why?

Aimee : no I don’t have anyone in mind

Aimee: He’s wanted a girlfriend but he’s very particular which is important..

Lyna : particular? In what way?

Aimee : He deserves a great person

Lyna : yeah… I agree.

Aimee: I think I would want someone great for him too. He has a lot of love to give. As everyone knows, he has a lot on his mind and I think he needs a girl who can take him away from work and listen to what he has to say.

Lyna : Do you know anyone in particular whom he likes…

Aimee : No he hasn’t expressed that with me.

Lyna : okay… =)

Aimee: He’s told me what he likes and looks for in a girl though. I consider him my closest friend in Korea. Him, Jay, and Teddy.

Aimee : I want to be a friend he can confide in and trust but language gets in the way. He feels the same way so it’s mutual.

Lyna : you’re very lucky… I mean… you’re the envy of all his fans.. Including me LOL

Aimee: biggrin.gif

Aimee : he’s a great guy but so quiet and thinks and keeps everything to himself

Aimee: I want to get it out! smile.gif

Seungri: Dancer.

Eager, willing, student, LOVES dance! He researches on youtube whenever he gets the chance. He knows his material, studies it, and applies it. He makes it a point to call us when Shaun’s in town and learn choreography even if it’s one on one. He’s focused on doing meaningful songs with quality choreography. I admire that! Plus, he has an iPod with a great selection of music in really cute font. LOL!

Lyna : Since Seungri has an iPod, do you know what his favorite songs are?

Aimee: No but he listens to everything

Aimee: From what I know, Big Bang is on top of all the new music that comes out

Lyna : Yeah.. You’re right

Daesung: RUM TUM!

LOL…his stage name/character in the musical ‘cats’. I wish I had more time with him but he barely had time to come. Maybe two or three rehearsals total he attended. How hard is that? I wish Shaun and I had some time to go watch his musical in fact but we were leaving a few days later and never had the chance. I’m a big fan of his voice and it works well for Korean folk songs. He is soooo funny, makes the craziest facials (him and TOP) yet is also the quietest. But I admired that he does all the country songs and variety shows.

Lyna : I never imagine Daesung to be quiet… Really! He’s very good at variety shows and he never fails to make me laugh when I watch ‘Family Outing’. Daesung’s voice is also my favorite… It’s perfect for lullabies. Anyway, did anything change since then? I mean your perception about him. Is he still quiet? *laughs*

Aimee : No. Dae sung is so happy and funny!

Aimee: We barely talk cause he’s so busy but I saw him on several sets including wedding dress, I think. We greeted each other with a hi, smile, and a big hug.

Lyna : Daesung gave you a hug???

Aimee : Well, we all hug each other. Actually, I hug them “hi” and “bye” like our American culture.

Lyna : I see… that’s cool!

Lyna : Do Big Bang play other musical instruments? We know GD and YB can play the piano… How about the rest? Do any of them play guitar?

Aimee: I don’t know2NE1

Lyna : You’ve just met 2NE1 recently from your stay in Korea. What are your first impressions about each of them?

Aimee: FUN and so CUTE

Aimee: I liked it cause I could have girl conversations with them

Lyna : Can you describe them each.. Like Dara, CL, Bom and Minzy?

Aimee : I like talking to them about boys, Big Bang, dance, singing, clothes…

Aimee: It’s hard to describe them individually when I first met them. I was busy determining their dance skills.

Lyna : Ok….

Aimee : but they’re thoughtful

Aimee: CL bought me a Nike tanktop once

Lyna : Really? Who are you close with?

Aimee : Dara shared her keychain and jewelry from the P.I.

Aimee: Bom gave me a box of make up as a cute present

Lyna : WOW!

Lyna : so much love…

Lyna : what about Minji?

Aimee : Minji gave me earrings for ‘Teacher Day’ and tokpoki? spicy rice cake

Aimee: all at different times

Lyna : wow… they’re really nice

Aimee : on their own

Aimee: they look out for me cause they know I have their best interest in mind

Aimee : They’re mostly busy but TY always tries to make time for me.

Aimee: CL and Minji want to constantly get in the studio and have dance lessons

Aimee : smile.gif

Aimee: Bom’s the funniest to me though

Lyna : Yeah… they really dance great.. I wonder who choreo “Please don’t go”

Aimee : Shaun and me

Lyna : WOW!!! Really!!! I Love it!!!

Lyna : It’s really good…

Lyna : and it fits the song well..

Aimee: I took care of the transition and blocking

Aimee :thanks

Lyna : *bows head*

Aimee: Shaun sent the first verse online, I taught it, and made blocking for the dancers.

Aimee : YG fine tuned everything and made it even better. Plus, Jay is always by my side which makes me feel comfortable so I can work fast.

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