[News]Jung Yong Hwa Experience Being Jailed?

During a recent interview with Korean press, You’re Beautiful star Jung Yong-Hwa revealed that he had once spent a night in jail in Japan. He told, “During one of the nights which I was performing in the streets of Japan with my C.N.BLUE members, Japanese police thought that we were illegal immigrants and were locked away. I was very surprised and nervous at the time.”

It had been told that Jung Yong-Hwa’s C.N.BLUE was active in Japan as an indie band and had performed more than 100 times in the streets of Japan. At the time of the arrest, none of the members had visa with them. Being surprised and nervous, they couldn’t even speak Japanese well to the police. Police got suspicious and sent them to jail.

Jung Yong-Hwa said, “I was afraid if we were going to be sent back to Korea. Fortunately, our management company sent us our visa and we came out of jail the next morning. Jail was warmer than I thought and it became an unforgetable memory for us.”

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