[DKP Special] "Losing weight" is an urgency for which female idol?

After observing for quite a long time,i notice that women are very sensitive to two words,they are "old" and "fat".

Women always keep their age as a secret,they are afraid that people will call them old.Some of them get irritated if people say them fat,that's the reason why you can see a lot of slimming program commercials when you open up magazines,newspapers and even television daily.

For today's DKP Survey,we are going to find out which of the celebrities below need to lose her weight the most,Losing weight will seriously help them to potray a better image on the stage!I have selected 6 female idols for this survey.

They are:

KARA's Park Gyuri
Wonder Girls' Yoo Bin
2NE1's Park Bom
SNSD's Tiffany
f(x)'s Luna
After School's UEE

Please take note take the main purpose of this post is to share opinions among K Pop Lovers,we have no intention of insulting any K Pop Fans,i sincerely apologise if you feel insulted after reading this post!

Due to some controversy,we are forced to close this poll up,sorry for the inconvenience!