[DKP Pictures] Bom poses with Aimee Lee Lucas!

This was from Aimee Lucas' Facebook account in which where she uploaded it.... Dont ask me whats her facebook account cause i dont know myself... i will try tracking it down so that i can add her as a friend! hahaha

anyways~ Aimee Lee Lucas is a long time choreographer @ YG entertainment and i love her since she is a very talented dancer, and very pretty too!

Looks like she has a strong friendship bond with bunny Bom of 2ne1, looking at this picture, dont you just miss 2ne1? well, dont worry... YG promised their comeback to be in the first half of the year.. which can be any month till june...

photo credits: LET'S PLAY: 2NE1
article written by: Blueprincess824 @ DKP

okay~ Click the link below to open the picture in which it was originally uploaded:
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Click the link below for Aimee Lee Lucas' guaranteed authentic Facebook account, No Poser~:
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IF your a big fan..... like me.... you would add her as a friend :)) in which i just did :D wouldnt it be awesome? your friends with the choreographer of the hit songs from big bang, 2ne1 and other YG artists! even if its only in facebook its already a big thing right? :D

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