[Cyworld] Heechul Looks Like A Beggar And Sungmin Appears On Strong Heart?

Title: A Pa Ta (Avatar)
2010.01.11 17:13

Wanted to watch Avatar so got Hongshi* to come over but I was playing WOW* only
What on earth is that game Hongshi asked
Me: (While) playing WOW would not have time to date lover
Hongshi: ㅡㅡ?
Have not met up with Hassan hyung and Hongshi for a long time the three of us talked and had a good time
We spent the day chatting and laughing at a lot of memories

Me: The first time I saw Hassan hyung feel that (he) has a lot of charisma.. I’ve thoughtㅋㅋ
Hongshi: I heard some rumours of Heechulie hyung.. (is) born stiff..ㅎㅎ
Hassan: It was fun really ㅎㅎ Already exceeded 1 year..
But watching Avatar with glasses on is really great(-┏)
It’s like when I’m in elementary school going to Taejeon Expo or Technology Hall? That kind of feelingㅋㅋ
There was the Kkumdorlee*.. A really long time ago..(T-T)

* – referring to Hongki
* – World of Warcraft
* – 꿈돌이 is a cute, yellow character… It looks like 
Title: Hae Li Po To (Harry Potter)
2010.01.11 17:40

The growing one-year-old hair seems to be slowing
A few months ago watching my idaepal*, odaeo* head Donghae said

Donghae : Hyung really looks good in any hair(style)
Me : You should change a new hair(style) too. Until when you will have your idol hair
Donghae : Um..Is it like that?
So together grow the beggar hair to raise brotherhood love
Not long ago said can’t endure it anymore betrayed me and went to cut his hair
Even looked at my head and said..

Donghae : Hyung Hyung should cut your hair too. You look like a beggar
Me : Should feel lucky I did not grow a beard
Donghae : If hyungie thought of me as a dongsaeng then you’d listen to my word and go cut your hair~
Me : The length of my hair and my love for you is proportionate. It’s not long enough
Donghae : Are these kind of words written? You’re good with words ㅡㅡ
No longer have the beggar head I now feel very lonesome
Try to get Hongshi to follow the beggar hair style
* – referring to 2:8 parting hairstyle
* – 5:5 (center) parting hairstyle

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Finally it has started !!
Hong Gildong aja aja !
Ahoo…”Strong heart” was a bit pity…
Because (I) has rushed to come out (on the show)…ahahahaha
Well…although I could tell a rude story…
but I’m so timid…
and I don’t like hurting other people…;;
I won’t be able to do anything if keep being like this, will I…ㅋ
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