[Video] Super Junior SorrySorry-Answer MV out!!

Woah! I'm so loving this concept and i love the black and white effect. What do you think? I don't really get the plot though. They were all doing different things and suddenly they gather today for celebration? hahaa. Take note, both eunhyuk and donghae are 'incharge' of the dancing parts.
Anyway, if you look closer, you will see one part where yesung's hair is flying
and its obviously the fan effect! There is another part where heechul just dump the
document on the desk and rest his head on the chair and i really imagine him
saying ' AISH!' *angry* hahah.

Well, although this version has no kangin and kibum, you still could see kangin
at the end with the other boys.

Credit: sment @ YT
ting18♥ @ dkp