[Video] SJ-M Interview, possible Super Junior-M TV Series in the works?

Kyuhyun: (sings Geng’s “Zhi Shao Hai You Ni” line, PERFECTLY imitating Geng’s tendency to sharp all his notes and fail spectacularly at breathing, dead, Kyuhyun is such a brat)
Zhou Mi: [cracking up]
Geng: That was a little too much, wasn’t it?
Zhou Mi: But the spirit was there, the spirit!
(Upcoming Events)
Geng: Well, everything’s still in the planning stages, it’s not confirmed that we will be acting in a TV series, but –
Henry: Shhh shh shh.
Geng: Yeah. But the company is looking at scripts that are suited to the seven of us, so that we might film a TV drama. We don’t know if but really hope that one will be specifically written for all seven of us.
Geng: We hope that someday we might be able to go to Singapore and meet with all of you–
Zhou Mi: After we finish recording the first thing we’ll do is tell our manager that we wanted to go to Singapore. Wait for us!

Reporter: So Super Junior M has Korean members and Chinese members –
Geng: — and a Canadian member!
Reporter: So do you think that, in terms of music, there are different elements and combinations to be had there?
Ryeowook: I think that the language difference… for example, we [SJ] released a Korean version of “U” in Korea, and then we [SJM] sang a Chinese version for our first album… this was in order for both Korean and Chinese fans to sort of become one group. [Note that I'm translating off subtitles, which are clearly not entirely comprehensive becaues Ryeowook mentioned "Super Girl" at one point and they didn't mention it]
Reporter: Do they find Chinese songs difficult to sing?
Kyuhyun: The album was recorded in Chinese, and we had to do activities in China, but even though our Chinese isn’t very good, we had to [at least] pronounce it well for the recording. We’re in the middle of studiously improving our Chinese right now.
[Zhou Mi Talks About His Contributions (i.e. lyrics) to the Album]
Zhou Mi: When I heard the “Ai Qing Jie Li” demo for the first time, I thought that this was a song that I could write lyrics to. There’s a very cute melody, and I thought I’d write into a very… sunshine-y, romantic love song. And I don’t have much experience in relationships, so most of my outlook towards feelings is made up of hopes and wishes, and I just write those ideas into my lyrics.
[Do the band members fight/argue?]
Geng: We don’t fight often, we really don’t.
Zhou Mi: *laughing throughout*
Geng: It’s mostly because when we’re at home, we mostly keep to ourselves — that side [gestures vaguely at Kyuhyun] plays games, that one [Siwon] reads, watches TV, or a group of us will play [tiqiu]*, so we don’t really fight at all.
*I have no idea what he’s saying here, actually. He may be talking about the Wii because he starts doing the Wiimote thing with his hands XD
Reporter: So no misunderstandings arise because of the language barrier?
Geng: Oh, no.
Zhou Mi: We all just speak Korean, because most of the members speak Korean. So for the sake of communicating smoothly we all just speak Korean most of the time.
Geng: Yeah, and Zhou Mi, Henry, and I always speak Korean to them… and sometimes without realizing it we talk to EACH OTHER in Korean.
Henry: When Han Geng is really mad sometimes he just switches over to Korean :D
Geng: Haha, yeah.
Credit: evaporate @ livejournal (translation) & pr13ansj @ youtube (video) & omonatheydidnt!!