[News]Will It Snow for Christmas kicks off new midweek ratings battle

SBS premiered a new drama series today, melodrama Will It Snow for Christmas? starring Go Soo in his big television comeback and Han Ye-seul. (I haven’t watched it yet; I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve had the chance.) The numbers aren’t terribly different from last week’s lineup, although a slight shift may give Hero a little hope as it rose slightly to land at 5.1%. Christmas came in with a tentative 8.6%, which is on the low side but not so bad considering it’s the first episode and that competitor IRIS commanded a strong 34.7%. (These are TNS numbers; AGB’s are slightly off, but show the same general trend.)

Perhaps Christmas was hoping for more, given that its writer Lee Kyung-hee gave us I’m Sorry, I Love You and PD Choi Moon-seok directed What Happened in Bali. But it’s still early enough for Christmas to rise once IRIS wraps in a couple weeks, and melodramas typically start out a bit slower and work up to their big conflicts as they progress. I’m guessing (from pre-show info) that much of this week’s episodes centered around the childhood flashbacks with Han Ye-seul’s and Go Soo’s characters.

Hero is still facing a tough uphill battle; its slight uptick is good, but not really promising in the big picture. It’s an oddball drama whose fun is in its witty dialogue and small comic beats, so it is finding it harder to hook fans when its competition is giving audiences Loud and Big: explosions, gunfire, tears, and tragedy. Despite that, it is earning positive praise among its small but mighty fanbase.

cr:javabeans || source: BNT News