[News]VIP understand what Hottest Felt


After the controversies stirred by G-Dragon's solo concert for unlawful and provocative performances, VIPs (Big Bang's official fanclub) express their concerns and also voice their feelings to the Hottest.

As the Korean people and netizens have voiced their disapproval of GD's concert antics, more and more VIPs are getting worried and afraid that G-Dragon's actions during the concert will affect the Big Bang leader and his life as a celebrity.

As Shine A Light is G-Dragon's first solo concert, thousands of fans, including those who were underage, gathered to watch his performances. The fans, ones that were there and international fans who watched the concert through fancams, enjoyed the concert. However, soon after the photos and fancams circulated the internet, issues arose.

Everything at the concert was fine until "Breathe" began. "Breathe" was previously banned from underage audiences long before the concert due to its lyrics and the performance of it even moreso displayed what the song was about. It featured dancer Aimee Lucas lying on a bed and displayed a lot of skinship with G-Dragon to the audience. Netizens declared that the point was to express a "sex" scene. There was even the sound of heavy breathing mixed in with the original track during the instrumental. Netizens stated that the scene was too much for the underage that were present.

As people go on Korean search engines and type in G-Dragons name, "G-Dragon's Withdrawal" comes out as one of the common queries.

With this, the VIPs are concerned with the on going movement that calls for G-Dragon's withdraw from his group Big Bang. They have called this action excessive and unneccessary. They have used Jaebum's (who left Korea for Seattle) incident to ask why netizens have to crush a rising stars dreams and ambitions.

They have reached out to the Hottest saying, "we finally understand what you guys went through."

Do you guys feel this controversy is being blown out of proportion or the movement is justified?

cr: kokonut & sandy of OMGKPOP.COM