[News]Ryan(Paran)+Kibum(Ukiss) and Eli with Mario Maurer on "Under the Same Sky"

The previews for the upcoming Thai-Korean production, "Autumn Destiny (Under the Same Sky)," featuring Paran member, Ryan, as well as U-KISS' members, Kibum and Eli have been released, featuring heartthrob, Mario Maurer.

The joint Thai-Korean drama, ใต้ฟ้าตะวันเดียว / 같은 태양 아래 지평선 (lit. Under the Same Sky), also known as "Autumn Destiny," is set to premiere January 16th, 2010 on Channel 9, in Thailand.
Fans will find out the acting skills of Ryan, Kibum and Eli when the drama airs. From what we see in the previews, they all love the same girl. But Eli gets to punch some guy in the face! Perhaps for her love? I wonder how the drama will unfold... Check out the previews for yourselves.

Pictures of Kibum and Eli at the press conference

Kibum with the male lead, Mario Maurer

Photos from the drama

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