[News]Lee Yo-won feels the pressure of Seon-deok’s ratings

You’d think that with ratings in the mid-30% range, Queen Seon-deok would be satisfied with its performance, but the fact is that it has experienced a 10% drop in the past few weeks, meaning that it’s essentially lost nearly a quarter of its audience since Go Hyun-jung made her big exit. Since Go’s villainess character Mi-shil was the lifeblood of the show, now Lee Yo-won, playing the show’s titular heroine, is feeling the burden.

On the December 4 broadcast of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Report, Lee Yo-won said, “Because Mi-shil is gone, the drama has lost tension and we see that in Queen Seon-deok’s ratings drop. They were highest when Mi-shil and Deok-man were in direct opposition, but after Mi-shil’s departure, the audience’s focus has landed on Deok-man, and I felt a lot of pressure.” She said of the decline, “Naturally Deok-man and also Bi-dam [Kim Nam-gil] and Yu-shin [Uhm Tae-woong] have responsibility for that. In the future episodes, the developments will grow between Bi-dam and Yu-shin.”

The drama is now nearing its end; the extension added twelve episodes to bring the total to 62, and the upcoming week will show Episodes 57 and 58.

cr:javabeans || Source: Now News