[News]Eugene's Beauty Secret

Ex-member girl group S.E.S Eugene has announced her upcoming book release called, “Eugene’s Beauty Secrets” where she shares accumulated beauty techniques and special secrets based on years of experience in the entertainment industry, both as a singer and an actress.

At the age of 17, she debuted as one of the members of S.E.S, and their group was received warmly by many fans. She’s recently still active as an actress in the weekend drama, “Creating Destiny.”

“Eugene’s Beauty Secrets” comes out on sale through online and bookstores throughout the city. Photos are collected from Eugene’s directly, each with stories of their own.

Eugene,”For the last 12 years I’ve been learning backstage how to acquire the know-how beauty secret, and over time I’ve compiled this for my own and it’ll be great if my book can help many people as it did to me,” she said.

On December 16, Eugene is scheduled to meet her readers through book-signing event.