[News] Song Hye-gyo casts in Wong Kar-wai’s new film

It’s just been announced (via Chinese portal site Sina.com) that Song Hye-gyo has been cast in Wong Kar-wai’s upcoming The Grand Master, which already boasts a very solid lineup including Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, Brigitte Lin, and Zhao Benshan. Leung takes on the role of Ip Man, a real-life Wing Chun grandmaster whose students included Bruce Lee.
Reportedly, Wong Kar-wai has been interested for a while in working with Song Hye-gyo, who enjoys a tremendous level of popularity in China. He had said he’d like to work together at the 2004 Pusan International Film Festival, which had led to rumors at that time that she’d be in his next film. Last year, he invited Song to New York for the screening of his movie My Blueberry Nights.
Recently, the Chinese media reported that Song Hye-gyo would be starring in a new movie (Vanguard) starring Donnie Yen and Wentworth Miller, but her management denied it as a false report. However, her casting for The Grand Master is said to be confirmed and she will begin filming next year.
Song had been slated to work with another Hong Kong director when she was cast in John Woo’s 1949, but that film was canceled.
Via Star News
Credits: dramabeans