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In year 2009, groups have a cause a dispute. But this year, there have been many bands debuting, one of them includes SHU-I.

Members including Leader Inseok, Changhyun, Hyungjun, Minho and Jinseok. SHU-I Means So Hot Union of Idols, which in chinese means "handsome".

How were the members formed? In this year's april's they've already chose R-EAL's member Inseok and Changhyun later joined Minho, Hyungjun and Jinseok. And then the 5 of them started their strenuous training, to debut perfectly.

Changhyun said: "Before during the auditions, Inseok together with me, saw Hyungjun. I got chosen, then Inseok, After that was Hyung Jun, and even later on it was Jinseok and Minho. I never thought that we will be chosen, and during april our group was formed and we started training."

Now, they've been living in the dorm, i thought if the members stay together there ought to be a dispute, but they said that each of them have an individual role to play.

Changhyun is the house's "dad"..... because he is a reliable and responsible man. Everytime, he is the first one who will be able to understand and feel for the member. Sometimes when the members lose control while playing, he will be able to control them

Inseok although he is the leader, but compared he is the house's "mum".. because he is in charge of the member's daily food diet, to see if the rest get enough nutrients and check whether they take good care of their faces. He always brings along alot of this facial products, and give it to the members, hope that everyone will perform and present a very beautiful face to the audience.

Jinseok.... is the house chef everything is taken care by him.
Minho.... is the house' good boy, will always share the housework burden
Hyungjun.... doesn't know anything... he only knows how to create trouble~~

Minho said: "Between brothers there no conflicts.. only sometimes, in order to avoid conflicts, we will use the scissors paper stone games to determine who wins and then the other party will admit defeat."

Due to the song "please help me" , they felt that it is different with the previous song "BOMB BOMB BOMB". Others have more impression of BOMB BOMB BOMB, perhaps this song have more rhythm than the new song, the new song seems much weaker, but seems like more people like it.

Inseok said: "Before SHU-I is very successful , because it not only establish in korea, we still went to guangzhou to go for china-korea music exchange, saw lots of fan's support. We will continue working hard!!"

I've also asked SHU-I what is their upcoming plans..

They said: "Please help me promotion work will be only up to 2010 start of the year... After that , members will starts to go on solo, because the company wants to present our own personal talents. So in year 2010, you will see more of our solo activities, we will try different things. But our group spirit will still be there, because whoever forgets this spirit means that they have break with this faith, which have to chop off our hands... (this is a vow taken before debut)"

In the interview, we've seen SHU-I different image. they were serious at times, but sometimes they were very funny.
It's a not bad group... Please support everyone!!

SHU-I's Minho "There is a friend who accompanies me through my idol journey".

SHU-I's Minho in this interview shared that in his Idol journey, there had always been a friend that have always accompanied him.

In his interview, he said that there's always been this 1 friend that accompanied him through his Idol journey.

In the 2nd year of his middle school, he known a group of friends who love music and singing, that includes him.
That time, he invited Minho and the other group of friends to hear him sing "confession" , which was Minho's favorite song. To Minho, this is a song makes him have goosebumps.
But, he can't really sing it properly. Later, that friend never pursue to be a singer with Minho anymore, because his parents hope that he'll get a stable job, so only Minho was pursuing his dreams of becoming a singer.

"I was almost kicked out by the company, luckily in the nick of time we were able to debut, come out with album, felt really very happy, parent's support is very important, I will write it out in my blog." Said Minho.

I suddenly asked these two questions. I asked since his singing is not so good, is there any singing technique that you can learn from him? And since you are a singer already, do you still hang out with them?
Towards this question, Minho thought of it for awhile, and then he slowly opened his mouth and said,

"He.... already passed away in last year's car accident, I also can't learn from him, And the rest of the friends are also working hard~This also assure me that my singing career have someone to accompany me, because he will be in heaven looking after me."

I notice that Minho's is feeling down at that time, he struggled for a period of time, then he gotten much more cheerful, and dashing.

Lastly, Minho is new idol group SHU-I's Main vocal, just promoted their new song " Save me" , currently, their members are makingpublicity for this song~ Please support everyone!

SHU-I's Hyungjun is one of BOOM's friend, together with BOOM appeared in MBC "Introducing star friend"

With 5 man forming the group SHU-I, Hyungjun is receiving more attention from the media in the group, before debut he have already appeared in many reality shows.

In this interview, i realised that Hyungjun before debut appeared in MBC "Introducing star friend" show. First time encounter Boom, and became his friend. Other than that, Hyungjun's exposure rate is very high too. before debut, he is also SBS "big adventure game" show's guest, he was dressed up as a female, grabbed lot's attention. And also, Hyungjun's good looking face have attracted lots of attention , and was expose at chose the ulzzang program and have gotten a pretty good result. Later, hyungjun was noticed by the company and was chosen to be one of SHU-I's member. Hyung Jun also said that MBC introducing star friend enable him to display his talents, with more people understanding him.

He also said: "Although am Boom's friend, but it's been 2years I have not met him~ hope after he had completed his national service, We can get to meet up together."

After Hyungjun had become a singer, he slowly know how to sing and create atmosphere in the group. The members first impression of him was the cool type, but he was the funny type of good boy. He is someone who easy get people's attention and catching up to trends.
HyungJun went to "Start golden bell" and did a funny action that cause the other celebrities and audience to laugh out loud. Popularity is slwoly increaing too. And at the backstage SS501 members met him and recognized him.

When asked about his motto, he said "Towards the winning goal". He also hope to be able to act with SHU-I and to be a host for programs.

he, hyungjun is one of SHU-I's member currently busy with promoting their song "BOMB BOMB BOMB" and "Please help me" Activities.

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