[News] SHINee broadcast accident on 2009 KBS Gayo Festival, “Mic don’t work”

SHINee’s broadcast accident has attracted the attention of many netizens.
It happened when SHINee was performing ‘Ring Ding Dong’ for 2009 KBS Gayo Festival on 30th December in YeoIlDo KBS Hall.
And performing halfway, the microphone for member TaeMin did not work all of the sudden. Even though TaeMin seems like flustered with the technical problem, the other members have quickly came in to sing for his parts and they completed the performance.
After the performance, fans said, “I was shocked because suddenly there was not voice for his part”, “Luckily TaeMin followed through well”, “I hope they pay more attention to this in the future” etc.

Meanwhile, 2PM ‘Again & Again’ won the top popularity award for 2009 KBS Gayo Festival.
Credits: kbites