[News] Kim Hye-soo’s brother pursues acting career

Kim Hye-soo (Style) has been a top star for a number of years now, and now her younger brother is getting his shot at acting: The 31-year-old Kim Dong-hee (above) has been cast to play the younger brother to Gong Hyo-jin’s character in the new MBC drama Pasta. He said, “At home, Hye-soo noona gives me a lot of acting advice. I want to learn a lot from Gong Hyo-jin sunbae.” (Gong is older, but as an acting veteran, she is Kim’s senior and therefore gets called “sunbae.”)

Every now and again, it’s interesting to take a look at stars’ siblings, such as with Ha Jung-woo and Jo In-sung. Perhaps the best examples of both siblings being successful in their individual careers are the Uhms (as in Jung-hwa and Tae-woong) and Kim Tae-hee and Lee Wan.
The Kims have a third sibling who’s also in the business: middle brother is 35-year-old actor Kim Dong-hyun, who has had roles in dramas Mun Hee and Secret Lovers.
Kim Dong-hee has appeared in music videos, but his official acting debut came as one of Sorabol’s ten Hwarang warriors in Queen Seon-deok. In Pasta, which incidentally takes over Seon-deok’s Monday-Tuesday timeslot, he’ll play a studious medical student. Pasta premieres on January 4.

Kim Hye-soo

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