[NEWS] Follow-up Songs Showdown BEAST vs. MBLAQ!

[Newsen Kim HyungWoo reporter]
The next generation idol groups, BEAST and MBLAQ, meet each other face to face one more time with their follow up songs.

After gaining attention for both of their debuts earlier this fall, the rivalry of MBLAQ and BEAST continues in their follow-up activities. Not just their debut times but also their upcoming activities are overlapping with each other, which make fans more interested.

BEAST (YoonDooJoon, YongJunHyung, YangYoSeob, JangHyunSeung, LeeKiKwang, SonDongWoon) follow-up activities started in the begining of this December with their song 'Mystery'. 'Mystery' tells a story of a man that doesn't know if his woman was cheating behind him and asking her to comeback to him. Their special dance move in this song is to put your hand under your chin and turn your neck, this dance move is pretty impressive.

BEAST who has been wearing black and white during their 'Bad Girl' promotions, now come back with a new atmosphere in costumes and props. BEAST performance also progressed increasingly through broadcasts.

MBLAQ (Mir, LeeJoon, CheonDoong, SeungHo, GO) is set to start their follow-up activities 'Good Luv soon.

After releasing their MV on the 10th, MBLAQ will start performing 'Good Luv' in front of the viewers on KBS2TV Music Bank on December 11th.

During their 'Oh Yeah!' days, Chic-dol MBLAQ showed their smart and stylish style, and now with 'Good Luv' MBLAQ is trying to show their lovely and cute personality, and was expected to give a warm appearance on this holiday season.