[News] Big Bang Interview for January BPass

-Long time no see.
YB: It’s been a while. Well it’s actually only been 3 months since we last came to Japan but it seems like it’s been ages!
TOP: We can finally let everyone hear a new song. Our last powerful single, ‘GaraGaraGO!!’ let us show the power of Big Bang before returning to Korea, but we’ve now returned with a song perfect for the cool weather nowadays. It will warm your hearts.

-I see! Your new single ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ seems like a soft, truthful song that has blended all five of your voices together in perfect harmony.
All: Yes! Please listen to it.

-It’s got a completely different atmosphere to your last song. Was there any difficulty in singing a quiet, calm song? You also once said that “singing in Japanese is hard”.
DS: It isn’t a genre that we’ve never attempted before, so it wasn’t that hard. It’s a lot easier to sing in Japanese now because of all the difficult pronunciation practice.
YB: When we sing a dance song, it requires a lot of preparation. Before we sing it, we have to consider our movements and expressions through performances so it takes a lot longer to prepare for. But ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ had a slow tempo so the singing was the most important part. It didn’t take as long to make as a dance song, so it was very easy to prepare for.

-When you’re recording a fast-beat dance song, do you think about your dance moves as well?
YB: Of course. When it’s that type of song, T.O.P actually dances while he records. We consider these things even during recordings.

-It must’ve been nice then since it’s a song where you can just concentrate on your singing.
GD: Yes. It makes me happy when I’m singing it, too. It makes me feel warm inside. I also really like the lyrics.
DS: There are so many parts we like.
YB: But when we sing it on music shows, it’s disappointing that we can’t sing the whole song. The parts we like are cut to make the song shorter. It would be nice to be able to perform the whole song...It’s disappointing. Really.
VI: Yes. Like this part (sings his favourite part)
Everyone: Sounds good~
(Everyone starts singing their parts- the interview studio has become a live accapella concert hall?!)

-Thank you (laughs). About “Let Me Hear Your Voice”, how did you feel when you heard it was chosen as the opening song for the drama “Ohitorisama” starring Mizuki Arisa?

YB: We were so happy that people would be able to hear our song through a drama.
GD: I was really surprised that our song would be used as the opening song for a Japanese drama. I’ve seen quite a few Japanese dramas before and the opening songs were all really good songs, so it made me wonder ‘Are our songs classified as one of those good songs now too?’
YB: I have a question; Do the lyrics to our song fit the content of the drama?

-Yes they do. It sort of wraps around the drama.
YB: That’s a relief!
DS: I’m so happy. I’m seriously happy to hear someone say that.
TOP: At first I thought that not many people would hear our song, even through the drama. But I hope that lots of people will become interested in us and our other songs as well. Because it’s so cool to have a future where you can enjoy music and dramas together.

-The main character is a woman in her 30’s who works very hard. What do you guys think about women like that?
YB: My type of girl. I like women who are independent and can think for themselves.
VI: I like them.
GD: I think they’re brave in a way. It would be cool to be able to share thoughts and feelings with a woman like that.

-You have another new song “Ora Yeah!”
YB: The beat and chorus is good. It’s easy to sing along to and I think it’s a song that makes you want to get up and dance.

-It’s a dance song so did it take lots of time to prepare for?
YB: Yes. This song makes us want to sing “Ora Yeah!” with the audience, and that’s the type of performance we want to do.
DS: We danced while singing during the recording too.
YB: We really want to perform this live. We even put in performance parts, imagining how excited everyone will get. It’s a song that I hope you’ll look forward to.

-I’ll look forward to your live performance. What kind of year was 2009 for you guys?
TOP: I think we spent our time really well, especially since we were able to perform in Japan and stay here for so long. We were really busy though.
YB: We were here for so long that we were able to appear on Japanese TV shows. We had a great time following our Japanese schedule.
VI: It was a year where we felt close towards Japan.
TOP: We discovered lots of attractions in Japan too.

-For example?
TOP: We found lots of yummy Japanese restaurants and were able to enjoy our time promoting in Japan. At first everything was new and strange to us so we felt lonely and confused, but after finding out how great Japan is, it has become a year where we’ve been able to become used to life in Japan and concentrate on promoting more.
YB: It was also a year where we were able to meet lots of new people. We’ve met so many people in Japan and made lots of friends. That’s another way we’ve come to like Japan.

-Give us a prediction of what Big Bang will accomplish in the future.
GD: I predict…that 5 boys with great strength and power will soon dominate Japan…
TOP: I really want that to happen. We weren’t able to have a Japan Tour this year, but next year we plan to. It’s still only being planned at the moment so we’re promoting heaps so we can reach our goal of having a Japan Tour.
YB: Our Korean schedule has already been made so we’ll be really busy next year too but I really want to have a tour in Japan.
DS: We’ve already started planning it now, so I think once we carry it out it will be the best performance ever. I’m confident that it’ll be great so I hope everyone looks forward to Big Bang next year, even more than this year!

Source: Valley @ bb-flow
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