[News] BEG JeA fans are angry, “Child Of Empire is ZE:A? Change the name”

There has been some disagreement between the same names of Brown Eyed Girls Jea (제아) and upcoming 9-member group ZE:A (제아).
ZE:A is the name of an upcoming 9-member group previously known as Child Of Empire under Star Empire Entertainment. The group has revealed some album jacket photos on 28th December and will be releasing their debut album on 7th January.
But this has met with some strong protest from Brown Eyed Girls JeA’s fans. The reason is that they have the same name (in Korean that is). And it has been known that the fans have been calling up Star Empire to ask about the same-name issue.

This is similar to that of newcomer singers like 2NE1 who were known as 21 before but it was the name of another singer, and also BEAST Lee GiGwang who was known as AJ previously but fans of Paran AJ have caught such an issue about it and he had to change his name.
Much attention is on what Star Empire will do with this same-name issue with the hypersensitive reaction from fans.
Credits: kbites