[Info]Lee Seong Min and Eugene are Good Friends

Actress Lee Seong Min, who plays as the rival of Eugene’s character, Han Sang Eun on the MBC weekend drama, “Creating Destiny”, ha released a photo of the two of them on the set.

Despite of their rivalry against each other in the drama, these two are actually very close to each other. Their pretty faces are quite similar and lots of netizens said that they look like sisters.

If you have been following “Creating Destiny”, you’d never guessed that the two of them are actually friends with each other. Especially after all the grudges and whatnot between them in the drama, loving the same guy (played by Ki Tae Young). Their relationship based on the scripts are actually more complicated than this pretty picture above.

However, outside the drama, their relationship is 180 degrees different from what we’ve seen so far. Lee Seong Min grew up in LA, and as Eugene also grew up aboard in Guam, these two shared a pretty much similar situation growing up, and that makes them really close like sisters.

Eugene often gives her some acting advice as Lee Seong Min is more junior than her in this field. These two bond rather closely outside the drama, as completely different than their characters’ relationship on-screen.